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10 Screen Writing Tips For Authors

Renee J Lukas joins Sheena to share 10 Screen Writing Tips For Authors.

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In this episode Lukas talks about

  • how authors can use some elements of screen writing to create compelling literature.
  • Discovering lesbian fiction
  • ADHD
  • How she got into writing
  • Character descriptions
  • Gone With The Wind
  • Karin Kallmaker

Screenwriting Tips

  1. The 3 act structure
  2. Less is more
  3. Scene structure
  4. Raising the stakes
  5. Improving dialogue
  6. Antagonists vs Protagonists
  7. Endings
  8. How signifiers strengthen your story
  9. Voiceovers
  10. Character driven vs plot driven stories

About The Host

Sheena is fascinated with the business of books. In this series she interviews authors, publishers and other experts to gain the best advice for authors.