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Cheating And Promiscuity

Naturally being bisexual means that you are all sex addicts, right? Even though it’s utter rubbish it is a common misconception. In this episode, Tara Scott and Rae D Magdon discuss this. Hosted by Sheena.

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Listener Questions & Comments:

Kat Evans There is a myth that bisexual women cheat more often and are more promiscuous. I think it just stems from their dating pool being larger.

Suzie Carr I personally am bisexual and I get so angry when someone decides that I would cheat on my spouse because I find both men and women attractive. That’s such an insult. As if sexuality has anything to do with morals, common decency, integrity.

Ask A Bisexual is a show aimed at busting some of the myths about bisexual women. Sheena’s guest for this season are Tara Scott, reviewer at The Lesbian Review, and Rae D Magdon, author.

Ask A Bisexual

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