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Cold Hard Facts About Conversion Therapy

Join Sheena @Sheena_LE and her guests Rae @RaeDMagdon and Elena @ThurstonElena as they talk about The Cold Hard Facts About Conversion Therapy in this episode of Ask A Conversion Therapy Survivor

The Cold Hard Facts About Conversion Therapy:  Ask A Conversion Therapy Survivor episode 2 of 5

In this episode 

  • The stats around suicide attempts for conversion therapy attendees
  • What’s happening with queer communities and queer youth
  • Legislations and what’s happening in the US Conversion therapy just doesn’t work and here’s why
  • How Rae D Magdon chose her pen name

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Research from The Trevor Project

Where to go for help

UK contact Stonewall’s Information Service on 08000 502020 or email US

About The Guests

Elana Joy

Elena is an inspirational speaker and founder of the PRIDE and Joy Foundation. She grew up in a turbulent home, joined a conservative church as a teenager, put herself through college, married and birthed 4 beautiful children, and then….  Life 2.0 brought a divorce, leaving/getting kicked out of her church, a beautiful love story and a successful new career! Her viral TEDx talk has paved the way for speaking engagements around the country.  Audiences have included ABC, CBS and Fox news stations, the First Event in Boston, the Seacoast Wellness Series in New Hampshire, the THRIVE conference in Utah, as well as multiple print and online media stories, and podcasts.

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Rae D Magdon

Rae is an author of queer speculative fiction with over 10 published novels. She believes that lesbian, bi, queer, and trans women deserve to have adventures, fall in love, and become heroes. Her latest cyberpunk novel, Lucky 7, won the 2019 Goldie and Rainbow Awards for science fiction.

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