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Clare Lydon Discusses Cover Design For Authors

Clare Lydon on Cover Design for Authors. One of my biggest frustrations with lesfic is the terrible cover designs that are so common – they may as well run rampant through the streets yelling NEVER EVER BUY ME. Because, let’s face it, that is exactly what is happening when a cover is badly designed.

You know the saying – Don’t judge a book by its cover? Well it’s a common saying because we all judge books by their covers and if you want to be taken seriously by a reader then make sure to have a great cover or a least a cover that accurately shows the type of book a reader will be reading.

Naturally, I absolutely had to do a podcast on this topic, since I feel so strongly about it and so I turned to indie author Clare Lydon who seems to just get her covers so right.

We chatted to Clare Lydon, lesbian fiction author, about what it takes to do great cover designs.

She gave us great tips on:

  • Where to find images
  • How to work with a designer
  • What you can expect from a designer
  • Where to find a designer
  • How to brief a designer
  • How to make an image your own so your cover doesn’t look like someone else’s
  • Working with fonts
  • What sort of budget you can look at
  • Where to get pre done covers

She also does a reading from London Calling at the end of the podcast, so don’t miss out, listen to the end.

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About Clare Lydon

London-based lesbian fiction author, Clare Lydon specialises in contemporary lesbian romance. She has topped bestseller charts across the world. If that isn’t impressive enough she has done all of this without signing up to a publishing house.

When she isn’t writing she says she enjoys the following:

  • walking in the sunshine
  • playing the guitar badly
  • watching far too many home improvement shows
  • and eating Curly Wurlys

About The Host

Sheena is fascinated with the business of books. In this series she interviews authors, publishers and other experts to gain the best advice for authors.