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KA Moll on how to write damaged characters

KA Moll author of Soul Mates, Coming To Terms and Haunting Love was a professional social worker, councillor and psychologist, making her more than qualified to discuss how to write damaged characters.

When you are dealing with a fairly small niche, like that of lesbian fiction, then to potentially alienate readers by writing damaged characters is a bold choice. The wonderful thing about KA Moll’s novels, though, is that she will take us deep into the horror of what happened to a character but then show us a way out of that darkness.

It is a rare, and talented author who can write damaged characters in a believable way without making the reader feel like the character is on display for the purposes of shock value.

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About This Episode

I wanted to chat to Moll about her writing style, her beliefs around damaged characters and what sort of reaction she has received as a result of her work.

In this candid interview she reveals a lot about how she writes damaged characters and why.

KA Moll discusses

  • Her work before she took early retirement and why that drives her to write what she does
  • The reaction to her novels and their no holds barred content
  • Why she doesn’t reveal the actual therapy sessions in her novels
  • What it was like to write a supernatural novel and how her audience responded
  • What was instrumental in getting her first books out
  • And what her wife says about her writing

About KA Moll

KA holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Counseling.

She is a young retiree from state child protective services where she supervised investigations of child abuse and neglect as a Public Service Administrator.

Today, K.A. Moll is a best-selling lesbian romance author who in her words – writes about strong women, broken by past trauma, who find healing and wholeness through love.

About The Host

Sheena is fascinated with the business of books. In this series she interviews authors, publishers and other experts to gain the best advice for authors.