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It’s Too Dangerous To Be Together – Juliantina ep34

Juls and Val determine that it’s too dangerous to be together. On this podcast we discuss Juliantina, a lesbian couple featured in the show Amar A Muerte – A Mexican soap opera and they fast gained global popularity.

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We look at:

  • Ranata finds out that Val is about to be exposed
  • Val tells Juls about her dad’s transmigration -“boom”
  • “Talk about in-law problems,” – Monica
  • “They are so polar opposite and yet they are so beautifully matched,” – Sheena
  • The roles are reversed – Juls wants to give it a go anyway and Val pulls away
  • Why wasn’t there a kiss when they were saying they couldn’t be together?
  • How the return of Val’s father plays a role in the relationship between Juls and Val
  • Renata tells Val that a competitor media empire has found out about Val and Juls and plan on spilling the beans

It’s Too Dangerous To Be Together

Lesbians On Screen

Season 1 Episode 34

About the hosts


Sheena has an honours degree in film and a passion for watching movies that started in her early teens. She is never far from her kindle or her netflix and is a super fan of content that specifically features lesbians or women loving women couples.

Monica McCallan

Monica McCallan was an enthusiastic fan of romance novels before she began writing them.

She lives with her partner and two tiny dogs, cannot parallel park to save her life, enjoys playing pool a few times a week, and has enjoyed every second of the craft beer explosion these last few years.

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