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Life Changing Things Queer Teens Should Know

In this episode of Les Talk About It, Sheena and Tamara talk about Life Changing Things Queer Teens Should Know. They ask what would I tell my teen self? They look at comments from Facebook and see what advice others would give their teen selves. 

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Comments From Facebook

Michelle Do not create the opportunity for regrets. Stop hating yourself, you are special, ignore anyone who says otherwise. My past has contributed to who I am today (who I am very much at peace with) so I wouldn’t want anything to change anything other than a few of the darkest moments although I suppose they are the most significant….so maybe just that everything is going to be OK  

Brooklyn Don’t worry, Brooklyn I’ll get cool and skinny soon enough just keep trying. 

Marlen Stop worrying about what everyone thinks. Don’t try so hard to fit in. Be yourself and proud of yourself 

Kat Don’t listen to your friends. Drinking is NOT cool and boys ARE gross 

Rachel You will conclude that god isn’t real, and if she is she wouldn’t judge you for who you love so let go of that fear. The world is so much bigger and more beautiful than you know yet. Your parents may not ever fully accept you, but it will get better and it will be worth it to be true to yourself regardless. Also, don’t fully burn bridges with homophobic friends and family. You’ll be surprised at the people that come around, and you’ll wish you could restore some of those relationships you walked away from. Finally, when that girl tells you she loves you, don’t be so afraid to follow up, because you’ll always wonder what might have been. 

Andi “Depression is a real thing and you’re not a freak for having it and you will figure out how to better manage it. That’s why I’m here and able to tell you that. Also, it’s okay to be gay and you will find your people.” 

Suzie Write down all those stories in your head now. Don’t wait until your mid twenties. 

Tig You’re an introvert and at least bisexual, and that’s fine. Now go out and enjoy yourself, then recharge at home for a week. And all those normal people? As weird as you, just in different ways. 

Erin The world you inhabit now is as small as the minds who make you feel you don’t belong. The world beyond is limitless, so hang in there and realise your potential. 

Heather Goodness, so much to say and so little likelihood that I’d have believed it. I guess I’d try for, “Live your life on the assumption that you’ll never find the love of your life, because you probably won’t. Try not to let it get to you. Oh, and you’re going to choose the wrong graduate advisor but there’s nothing can be done about it. It’s not you, it’s her.” 

Em There is someone out there who will love you for who you are, so don’t panic, do not hate yourself, don’t try to change just be yourself, it will all work out. Oh yeah and getting shit faced every weekend doesn’t help, so give it a miss if you can. Also ignore that your sister said you can’t get a boy cause you are ugly, because you figure out later you are a chick magnet and never ever wanted a boy anyway. 

Marlen There is nothing wrong with me it’s must be the universe 

Wendy It’ll all be okay in the end. 

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