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Harper Bliss On Making Money In Lesbian Fiction

On this episode of The Write Stuff you can hear Harper Bliss on Making Money in Lesbian Fiction. There are few people more qualified to talk about making money in lesbian fiction than Harper Bliss. Not only is she one of the best selling authors in the lesbian fiction arena, her books regularly hit number one in the lesbian romance category and both her and her wife make a living from their lesbian fiction publishing.

Listen to this episode here

In this podcast Bliss tells us:

  • How they ended up starting Ladylit Publishing
  • How long it has taken her to start earning from her work
  • In December 2015 Bliss embarked on an ambitious project of publishing a book every month. She chats about why she decided to do this and how she manages to pull it off.
  • About marketing strategies that work for her
  • Why every author must have a mailing list
  • How she uses her mailing list to boost her novel ranking before they are even released