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The Double Edged Sword of Bisexual Attraction

In this episode Tara and Rae discuss  how being attracted to men and women leads to all sorts of misconceptions and false ideas. People think you can’t decide or that you will end up in a heterosexual space just because it is easier.

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Julie Versoi: Bisexual women can be vilified from both men and women. Men can think she’s a lesbian that just doesn’t want to admit it or think that it’s their chance for that fantasy threesome with two women. Lesbian women don’t want to date a bisexual woman because they feel she is just experimenting or passing time until a man comes along.

I consider myself bisexual but I am more attracted to women then men, a lot of women won’t even consider dating me because they have been hurt before because someone they were involved with left them or cheated on them with a man. It’s annoying because they don’t stop dating lesbian women that have left them or cheated on them with another woman. A friend suggested I just say I’m a lesbian but to me that isn’t being honest.

Enrico Di Bella Which are the things (I mean psychologically) that attract you in men and in women and what you do not like in either gender?

Maji de H I would like to know whether they prefer dating lesbians or dating other bisexual women. Also would like to know more about their preference romantically and sexually. I mean, a few bisexuals that I know seem to enjoy sexual relationship with women much more than with men, but are more attached to men romantically. I know it doesn’t apply to all bisexual women, but maybe could be discussed as a myth?

Brooklyn Goodrich as a bisexual are there bisexuals who lean more towards one gender than the other or is it always down the middle?

Julie Versoi When I was younger I leaned more toward men, as I’ve gotten older I lean more toward women. Could also be that as I have gotten older I’ve become more comfortable with my bisexuality and more open to my attraction toward women

Ask A Bisexual is a show aimed at busting some of the myths about bisexual women. Sheena’s guest for this season are Tara Scott, reviewer at The Lesbian Review, and Rae D Magdon, author.

The Double Edged Sword of Bisexual Attraction

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